My new years resolution

This may a little weird but my new years resolution is to be myself, you may think I'm stupid and stuff but I've "lied" to myself pretty much this year and especially when it comes to my school and stuff, I've done things just because others expect me to do it and stuff like that. I have another new year's resolution too but I won't say what it is because it's really personal.
My brain is really fucked up when it comes to what program I should pick and I don't really know. I'm gonna get my shit together now during the winterbreak and when I get back to school I'll know what to do ♥

cute zelda-cards

I found these really cute zelda-cards from the tumblr user imthewindwakeritsme
They are so inspirational and cute ^^

Cute little squirrel

When I was in London, I sat in a park one day.
I ate a nectarine and then this squirrel came closer to me and started sniffing on my feet, so I gave my nectarine to him/her and it just jumped over to a parkbench and sat there and ate it, so cute =^.^=